Positive Behavior Interventions Support



 PBIS is a research-based program that began some 20 years ago and is now mandated across the state of Louisiana. The goal of the program is to develop effective interventions for the prevention of unacceptable behaviors. This is done through a variety of ways: proactive instructional approaches to teach and improve social behaviors, using collected data to inform decisions, and working collaboratively in an effort to create a school/classroom setting conducive to learning.

At South Beauregard Elementary School we utilize PBIS to encourage our students to follow school rules by making certain that they understand what is expected of them. We do this through direct instruction and modeling at the beginning of the year and then reviewing the rules periodically. Our student expectations are recited every morning following the Pledge of Allegiance and are posted throughout the school. We have many rewards in place to reward those following the rules and to encourage all others. Our reward system includes immediate rewards as well as more substantial, scheduled rewards. All students are encouraged to strive for excellence and will be rewarded for making smart choices. Teachers are involved in identifying areas that need improvement and then work as a team to implement changes so that an effective learning environment is established. Our mission is that all students become successful, fulfilled, productive citizens.